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Corporate & Business Lawyer in Coral Springs, FL

Are you thinking of creating a new business?  If so, there are a slew of legal questions which you need to consider.  For example, what type of entity formation (partnership, LLC, corporation) best suits your business’ needs?  How should the partnership agreement/operating agreement/shareholder agreement be structured?  What types of contractual provisions need to be prepared when dealing with your clients, vendors, employees and consultants?  How should your employees and contractors be classified (exempt v. non-exempt; employee v. independent contractor)?

Storrings Law, a Coral Springs based law firm, is here to help.  We specialize in assisting clients in all types of corporate and business matters.  This includes, but is not limited to, assisting clients in starting new businesses, drafting partnership, company and corporate documents, classifying employees and contractors, drafting contracts, preparing information for potential investors, purchasing new businesses and preparing asset purchase agreements and other documents related to the sale of your business.

At Storrings Law, a Coral Springs based law firm, we understand that business owners will face numerous challenges over the course of the life of their company.  Those challenges can become even more daunting when you are constantly being delayed by an attorney that seems to be disinterested or simply too busy working for other clients to provide you with timely, efficient and capable assistance.

At Storrings law, a Coral Springs based law firm, we pride ourselves on providing service on time and on budget.  We timely respond to every client’s inquiry, no matter how small.  We understand that business owners have plenty of other issues to deal with every day – worrying about whether you hired the right attorney shouldn’t be one of them.

At Storrings Law, a Coral Spring based law firm, we also understand that the best way to prevent future business disputes is by taking the time to address potential issues before they occur, and prepare corporate documents and contracts accordingly.  We take the time to discuss your business goals, your dreams and your motivations, because we are invested in your success.