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Business Lawyer

Are you thinking of creating a new business?  If so, there are a slew of legal questions which you need…

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Commerical Litigation & Trial Lawyer

Business and real estate contracts are an integral part of our personal and professional lives.  Usually, each party complies with…

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Overtime Lawyer

As explained in greater detail on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website, “the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum…

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HOA & Condominium Law Attorney

Storrings Law, a Coral Springs-based law firm, understands and appreciates the hard work of Home Owners Associations and Condominium Associations. …

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Non Profit Lawyer

Storrings Law, a Coral Springs-based law firm, understands that running a business can be both a rewarding and simultaneously, frustrating…

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Real Estate Attorney

When dealing in real estate, the term “title” refers to the rights of ownership and possession of a particular property. …

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I am guided by my faith, and I am committed to applying Jesus’ principles in my law practice.  This requires that I treat every person with respect, whether that person is my best client or my most bitter opposing counsel.  It requires that I be truthful and forthright in my business.  It requires that I lead by example, and act in a manner consistent with my beliefs.  It also means that I strive, to my upmost ability, to be a person of integrity with my clients, my adversaries, the court, my friends, my family, and any other person that I meet.

I apply these principles in my law practice, and I vigorously represent my clients, whether we are negotiating a contract, closing a real estate transaction, engaging in settlement discussions, or battling side by side in a courtroom.  My job is to help my clients obtain justice, and I do that while always remembering that my position should be a ministry to other people. I believe my faith makes me a better lawyer, and a better person.

At Storrings Law, we will always apply these principles in service to our clients.  When you work with us, we promise that you will always receive respect, professional skill, personal integrity and honesty.  We will seek, and fight, for your best interests.


Patient and Kind

Harley and Agnes are the Best. They know this business- real estate. They can do the extra, always willing to help, professional. They are patient and kind.

Epitome of smart

Harley is the epitome of smart, hard-working and inspirational leadership! Very talented and dedicated to his work and his clients

Dedicated and committed

Storrings Law firm is dedicated and committed to customer satisfaction and provides excellent customer service. Honesty and consistency is a trademark of their practice. Highly recommended.

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